Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor (floyd_mephit) wrote,
Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

Hey, this short thing's going to pay off for me after all..

My sister and her boyfriend are going to spend the weekend with me, which means I need to sweep up the dog-hair and hide the meth and astroglide.  I think we might go see one or two of the new movies just out recently, like X Men or Da Vinci code or something.  I was thinking of going to see that over the hedge movie, but if I do I'd rather not go with my family.  I never go see cartoon movies because I would feel creepy buying the ticket, like some kind of a quasi-tard or a child molester.  Also because I have always felt that it was somewhat of a waste of money paying so much to see a cartoon.  And, the people they get to do the voice-overs for the cartoon characters are often goobers.  Maybe I'll go see that movie regardless;  but not this weekend.

I've been cooking a lot this week, potato pancakes, sweet&sour brisket, jambalaya, london broil, etc.  And I've been eating more fruit in the morning, to give me lots of sugar so I can wake the hell up.  I'm incredibly more limber than I used to be and a little bit stronger, because I've gone back to lifting weights a little.  But I don't think I'm burning any fat or slimming down really.  Mainly because I don't do anything aerobic except for my class once a week, and that's not enough apparently.  It's part of my one new year's resolution, peripherally.  I'm going to be spending all this afternoon and evening doing the weekend chores before they get here, including maybe dropping my truck off to get a tire replaced and hopping a cab back to work.

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