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that wascally wabbit

My foam came today.  I ordered a 40"x80" roll of EVA foam to make some contact sparring weapons, although I have only some poor online 'guides' to go by to make them.  It was $50 so I had better put it to use.  I will need some other materials, like duct tape and electrical tape, some schedule 80 PVC, some metal and wood slats, and a good strait-edge.  Hopefully Home-Depot can provide.

Also, my Usagi Yojimbo comic books came in.  I've always wondered how he keeps finding new clean clothes everywhere he goes with the crest of a clan that doesn't exist anymore.  Luck of the Irish, undoubtedly.

I had lunch with a big-time professor in lipid biochemistry today, and I got the most incredible headache afterwards (I call it an "on" headache as it's the kind you get when you have to be "on" for somebody).  He was actually grilling all of us who were eating with him about our research, or rather, the peripheral areas that vaguely approached his realm of research.  Seriously, I was spent for the rest of the day. 

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