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My 13" Marozzo buckler came in the mail today.  It's a little bigger than I expected, and relatively heavy for a buckler.  But, I like the shape, and I may take my welder to it and tighten up some of the open seams, and then wrap the edges in some kind of foam to keep the corners from jabbing anyone.  I ordered another, rounder and smaller buckler as well and it should be shipping out soon.  I'll probably be doing this weapon style by myself for awhile as the class isn't covering it anytime soon.  But it's something to play around with.  I got a book recently regarding the seminal fechtbuch for this style, the MS I.33, which is the oldest fighting manual yet discovered for European martial arts.  I enjoyed practicing it during the ARMA big sparring event last year, and learning is always a good thing.

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