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I would like to have gotten some writing done today, but it was just lolling along and I can't have that kind of thing going on, so I just got up and did something work-ish.  I'm sure I lost some hairs from the stress, but that's better than doing nothing reading webcomics.

My friend Scott called and told me that he and his girlfriend got their residency matches and He's going to DC, while she is going to Baltimore.  The truth is that I'll only be seeing him marginally less, as I usually see him about 4 times per year, and now only about 2 times.  At least I know one of my friends will be in Baton Rouge when I come in, if only for the holidays.

On a different note, I am taking Freya to the vet to see what is making her make those godawful noises.  I still have a lot of things I want to do before I leave on Friday, as I hate coming back to a fucked-up apartment after 5 hours of driving.  And I predict the ferry to have an hour or more of wait, so I'll probably just drive on the mainland to save my sanity.  And I'll try to find that cut-around for Beaumont that they tell me is there, although I dunno where, as the Beamont traffic makes me want to puke blood.

Fox on a trampoline:


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Apr. 25th, 2006 09:52 pm (UTC)
bouncing foxes,what has this world come too.
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