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looking for the cure

I've been pretty much marooned in my apt this weekend because of black spring break on the island.  Luckily I stocked up on groceries on Wednesday.  I made some jambalaya at twilight, I was itching to do it all day but my big dutch oven was caked with the remnants of the last jambalaya.  I scraped it out and some of the curing came out with it..... I guess I didn't cure it right the first time so I stuck it back in the oven on 450 for half an hour, without any extra oil on it.  It came out pitch black and shiny like the top is.  I've left the lid in there accidentally and have been baking it along with everything else I've baked in the past several months.  At least this cure stays put.  Also I scraped the bottom of it every 10 minutes as it was cooking and that drastically reduced the amount of burned jambalaya there.

My dog got really sick on Friday, I came home after work and there were about 8 puke puddles all around the house, with all kinds of nasty shit in it, and a powerdump in her bed.  All kinds of hair clums in all of it.  Apparently she ate the skunk tails I used to use as keychains, hair and all (one of them was tanned, the other one I just salt-cured from some roadkill a few years ago), and she ate part of one of my leather eyeglass cases.  She was pekid and hark hark harking up all day part of today too.  Not zesty.  Still, all in all she's way less nasty to clean up after than my last dog.

It looks like I'll be going to two different crawfish boils next weekend, even though I don't really like crawfish.  I can eat it, but I would never pay for it or choose it on a menu.  But it's free and there will likely be beer, so screw it I'll chomp down a few pounds at one and maybe a few pounds at the other one.  All after I go to church with my family for a fancy portrait in fancy clothes.  Joy.


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