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one line on a CV

I find that I post on Fridays a lot, in the afternoon mostly.  I am trying to build momentum writing my dissert, although it's in fits and starts, and in addition, lots of stops.  I used to love writing, doing it all the time;  but this was mostly short stories, song lyrics, guitar tablature, and poems - not scientific literature, and certainly nothing in the range of 150 pages long.  But, The lovely thing about scientific writing is that it is so anally dissected and chopped up into headings and sub-headings and such, that writing it is like writing hundreds of 1-4 paragraph long bits with only marginal flow.

I found out yesterday that I'll be mentoring a summer undergraduate research program student from Georgia.  I need to think up and assign her a research project that can be completed in around 9 weeks, and along the way have her read a lot of background literature and teach her some techniques.  And, have her assist me in several things with my projects, hopefully.  She apparently has a little experience in a lab so I'm hoping I won't have to do too much intro stuff.  Unfortunately for her, she will be arriving just before I'm going to AC, so I'll be gone for a couple of days then.  But whatever, hopefully this will be a boon and not a trammel for me, as I don't need to have anything occupying my time mindshare other than work.