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good vibrations

I am offgassing old clothes like Imelda Marcos in a Kansas tornado.  This is the weekend where I clean the computer room, which is by far the most shit-piled room of my apartment.  Last weekend was my bedroom and bathroom, and I got 90% of it done.  Just need to sweep the bathroom floor and put up some comic-book boxes.  I was kind of sidetracked by being reduced to living in a fucking wigwam by the gas company.  But, I have so much shit in here to throw out.  I piled up about three pounds of dog hair, which is a hell of a lot, and that's just what I can break free with my broom from the floor and walls.  I know there's a lot more hidden in crevices.  I have so many old clothes that I don't wear anymore, that are going home in big trash bags.  I have to find places for my scubadiving stuff, my two broken computers, and stacks upon stacks of books.  My existing bookshelf is piled 3 books deep on the shelves and they are sagging and buckling.  I need a stand-in stat.  Tomorrow I'm going to buy one, and hopefully take my old yellow love-seat (which I'm selling dirt-cheap if anyone wants it) outside to the porch.  Maybe I can keep it out there for transients to sleep on.

I went into Webster for another dagger disarm class today, and jesus that stuff is hard on the wrists and fingers.  My dog bit my hand yesterday while I was doing protection training and ripped my thumb open, and crushed my ring-finger a little bit.  So it was extra tingly for the class.  It did, however, take my mind off of getting kicked in the groin about 2 dozen times during the hour and a half.  I could use one of those hardcore small asian woman massages right about now.  But as that's pricey on a Saturday night, I'll just settle on the shower massage wand.

They put up the pictures from that sparring day we had in Magnolia, TX in march online.  The pics are here:

There's a couple with me in them, as you can see if you've seen my ugly mug IRL.  Sadly there's none of me sparring but I'm going to try to get my sister's camcorder when I go to BR in a couple weeks, and try to videotape myself for improvement purposes.  I'll tape my dog training as well.

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