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Well, I'm back. I'm so sick right now I can't see straight. I'm partially deaf again too, because I always go partly deaf when I'm sick. Since my nose is stuffed up, I can't smell and therefore can't taste either. What a miserable day. I got up at 5 when the wakeup call came. I didn't sleep more than 15 minutes last night, from my sickness. I got dressed and caught a cab to the airport and waited for my flight. Of course, I got field-stripped right at the gate again (I've come to accept that it will happen every time I fly) and got up to blow my nose every 3 minutes on the plane home. I took some medicine here, so soon I'll be okay. But no leaving for a few days. I hope I'll be well for this weekend - I'd like to drive to BR to see everybody.

Thursday - I got lost driving to IAH, and missed my morning flight by mere minutes. I caught another flight through Chicago which got me to Philly at around 7ish. I got to the hotel at around 9pm. There, I learned that they'd lost my reservation (or rather, took my name off of it). So after being given the wrong room key, then twice given broken keys, I got into a room (on a fricking party floor, of course) and found the roommates I was to stay with. I went out for taco bell with Woggle and called it a night. (was very much squicked my one of my other roommates, and that's VERY hard to do)

Friday - saw opening ceremony, went to the puppet panel, then the pawpet show. Went to the bar, and had a few drinks. Talked with this guy called PsyKatt for about 2 hours while he bought me beers (I think he was sweet on me... oh, and remember his name..) Then I farted around for a while and eventually went to bed.

Saturday - woke up late with a sore throat. Went to the Story Hour, then to the panel by Caribou, then to the auction. Then to the masquerade. I perused the dealers' room and farted around. I went outside to have a cigarette (don't ask) and was talking with some guy, when this guy was talking on the cell phone, and all of a sudden got TACKLED by another guy. I called for security, but they came from the other way pretty quickly. Furs were gathering around to watch, as were some black people who were trying to start a fight. The cops came tout suite, and arrested the guy on the cell phone. Turns out, that guy threw a bottle at another guy's head (he left in an ambulance) because he got kicked outta a room party. Another girl got hit by either a bottle or by the broken mirror which got shattered by it. The guy who tackled him, I think, was her boyfriend. Well, Kagemushi came out and so did a pissed-off Groat (because of his 19-year old charge getting sloshed at another room party, so a girl from that party told me). There were about 8 cops there, and a paddy wagon too, in which they led the bottle-wielding fur away to jail. The name of this arrested fur? Psykatt. Did you remember the name? Then, I went upstairs to go to bed, and walked in on my roommate and one of the con staffers (maybe I shouldn't say which one) in flagrante delicto in his bed. I (as tactfully as I could while chewing back my own vomit) and went to look for Woggle. I found him in Cougar's room, with Kellic and Sparkles and a dude named Bob. They're pretty fucking cool guys. I hung out with them for a few hours and after Woggle crashed the 'party' in our room, I went to bed.

Sunday - woke up with a full-blown cold. went to the panel by Heather Bruton (Christ, she's good) and learned a lot about painting. Then I went to the closing ceremonies, and hung out with Cougar et al. until they left. Went to the A.L.F. dinner at 7pm (there were something like 60+ furs there) and had a surprisingly excellent time. I didn't want to leave, but Cerulean was my ride and he was waiting on me. After that, I just wasted time at the nothing that was left over after the con. I peeked into the Dead Dog Party, but I didn't see anyone I knew there, so I didn't go in. I just needed to go to bed, so I tried. but obviously it didn't work. I was too sick.

I didn't buy a single piece of artwork at the entire con. I didn't even go into the artist alley. I don't know why... I just had a complete lack of desire to buy anything. I hung around the art show for a good long while, but I had no compulsion to bid. I just don't know why, but I didn't. Well, I still enjoyed myself there. I met a crapload of people, and despite the miserable time I had Thursday and Today, it was fun.

Was it true that the first 1-80 badge numbers were reserved for the staff, etc. and the regular members numbers started with 81? That would make my badge number REALLY low.

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