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Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

Employee of the Month is gone now, sort of.  He still wants to work here, as in work here AND at the lab he got a job at.  Two full-time jobs in research concurrently?  This guy couldn't pull off ONE. Anyway, he makes a convenient patsy when someone finds anything missing or messed up (and not without merit, usually).  They shut down the cold-room until god knows when, which means a lot of crap is stored in a lot of places it shouldn't be.  I found and fished out that guy's entire E. coli culture trove (huge!) out of the cell culture fridge -- WTF is this guy's problem?

Anyway, my boss is coming back next week so work will again be shitty for me.  I need to find a way to relieve stress after work, and since I don't have to rush home to catch the wisps of daylight, I can actually relax, and clean up, and go outside for some useful activities.  I spent an hour yesterday scooping decomposing mulch out of the bed of my truck with a transplanting trowel while waiting in Webster for the dog trainer (who never showed up, so I just drove home and let the leaves and stuff blow out the bed on I-45).  At least the truck is cleaner.

I need to decide whether to get a tonneau cover, a truck box, or a camper top for the bed, so I can actually keep something clean and relatively safe.  Any opinions?  Few if any of you people drive trucks so probably no opinions there.

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