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I ordered a DVD from Leerburg.com for dog training, holy mackerel they're expensive. But the trainer I know swears by them. I went over to his house after work and he worked with her for a little bit. Only about 10-20 minutes, and that's all that is useful really because the dog gets really tired after that and the shorter the workout, the more anxiously she will want it next time. I actually stayed over there for several hours, helped him put a grill together, and ate dinner with them, watched a DVD. I didn't get home until 1 am. He's only free on Sundays and Mondays, but he seems optimistic that she will come along considering how badly she seems to want to train. I'm going to work her similarly on the other days, in hopes to get some semblance of a routine. At least it might burn off some energy. She got to run around with some other dogs for awhile, get some socialization in. In fact she was knocking around a pitbull that was trying to get a little too friendly with her, so I'm very happy about that.