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Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

french cuff

I ordered a pair of 'fencing pants' and a gambeson from Museum Replicas a few days ago and they arrived yesterday (much faster than I anticipated because I don't usually pay for fast shipping).  I put them on and practiced awhile, but they both stunk like sizing or some kind of textile chemical, and they are both corduroy and I'm in south Texas, so I cut that shit out pretty quickly.  I need to dry clean them, and practice in them some more, as I am thinking it would be a little more realistic to practice medieval/renaissance fencing in medieval/renaissance clothing instead of my Levi's jeans and a Harley tee-shirt.  I wish I could find a period set of shoes though.

I have to wonder what the hell I am going to do this weekend.  Probably going to a fencing class but after that, I might go geocaching, I haven't done that in a long time.  or maybe find some wild plant to transplant, or maybe go eat at La Madeline's...  ooooh yeah baby, pretentious pseudo-french food served by kids who couldn't translate a Kroger wine label.

Tags: swordfighting

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