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a different route

I went to BR this weekend to watch my mother and sister ride in their yearly mardi gras parade in NO. They changed up the parade routes this year, which was good because I found a cherry spot right next to Walgreens on Canal and because the crowds were so small I could walk back to the floats much easier. And the cops were nicer this year, as not a single one yelled at me or threatened to arrest me (usually, at least one does). I took over 100 pictures with my nikon, as I decided to bring my 18-70mm and my 70-210mm lenses, so I got some good close-ups. We even got back into BR without much traffic. The rain was a hassle but not much of one. Best Mardi Gras yet, but I'm sure next year it will suck like it used to again. My mother suggested I apply to join Endymion as the current weirdness about the krewes and parades might make it a shorter wait to get in, but I don't know if I want to worry about that right now, it's expensive in time and money.

I tried to set up a WRT54G on my mother's computer, but for some reason I couldn't get the setup program to get an internet connection from the DSL modem. I guess that means it couldn't get an IP address, but I don't know why. Maybe the logon information was incorrect, but I know the username/pwd was correct, and I told it to use PPPoE, but it wasn't working. I had to leave it disconnected. I wish I could figure out why it was cocked up like that.
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