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one makes you larger and one makes you small

My computer ate shit and died several days ago, and I figured it was on the way to the big turd farm in the sky, so I was going to do an M&M on it and see what exactly went wrong. I bought an external enclosure for one of my 3.5 HDD's, and found out that it's only 40 Gb, when I thought it was 200. But anyway, when I booted it up, it booted all the way and now it's loading XP and everything, which is saving me from buying a new motherboard (because my socket A chip isn't going to find a board at compusa anymore apparently). I even fixed my router to give my laptop wireless access once again, so I can browse /b/ while watching jeopardy and Deep Space Nine. wurrrrrrrd.

My mother visited last weekend, first time in 4 years. I spent weeks cleaning this place up for her, and it's almost as dirty again.

I bought some new jeans at the store the other day, size 34 waist. I bloated up fatty-wise since I moved here and had to wear 36 waist, but have sinced de-fatty'd back to the original pants size, which means that I've wasted hundreds of dollars on jeans on this ass of mine because I got addicted to Taco Cabana and ice-cream sandwiches. But, I will try to stay at 34 as long as possible, unless for some reason I get even smaller.
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