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Funny, it feels like the high-60's for age

I spent all of yesterday redoing and redoing my powerpoint for the hepatotoxicology class I am teaching at A&M, and rushing around to print it out and make 15 copies to hand out (like the people couldn't just print their own copies out), and rush to get to the class (I had to take my bike as I was running late and didn't have time to go get my truck in the traffic).  I got there and found out that they had given me the wrong schedule and that I wasn't to lecture for another month.  At least I finished my ppt early.

I picked up my new prescription glasses today. I haven't decided whether I like them or not, as they are not straight across the top and instead they go down in the middle, which makes it look like I have angry eyebrows.  Maybe I look like that guy from FLCL with the seaweed eyebrows, quivering and threatening to flake off at any time.  I think they may not be as good as my old prescription for my nearsightedness, although for my astigmatism they seem just the same.

I went to the dentist today, and the guy told me I need two fillings.  I think that these will be numbers 30 and 31, maybe?  something like that, I believe I'm somewhere in the low to mid- thirties for fillings, which is considerable since I'm in only the high-twenties for teeth.

I was thinking of flying to Virginia for april 1st, as there's a workshop I'd really like to attend up there, and my cousin lives not too far away.  But Travelocity says the flight would be around 300 bucks!  That's more than a flight to Pittsburgh (I think).  WTF is that logic?

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