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I dropped off my dog Friday morning to get her hips X-rayed so I could send them off to the OFA to get them certified, which is what is necessary for anyone to breed good dogs, to help keep the purebred GSD genepool from getting inundated with bad hipped dogs.  I told the girl this when I dropped the dog off, and I asked to get her teeth cleaned while she was sedated.

I came back in the afternoon to pick her up, and found out that her hips are fucked up.  Her hips are obviously and apparently quite fucked up, with one of them subluxed.  Furthermore they didn't X-ray her correctly to send the film off because the girl fucked up and told them wrong what I wanted.  I can't even describe accurately what I felt like when the vet told me this.  I felt a flush come over me from the chest up and I felt like someone had hit me with a shovel, in the back of my head.  All the plans I had for this dog, gone.  She is unbreedable, and maybe unable to title in SchH.  If I had not already lost the thousands of dollars already to the criminal I hired to train her, it would be lost now.  All the money I spent on the dog..  I could have spent thousands less for one I had no plans to breed or title.  I have not felt so busted up inside in years, since I had to pick up my last dog's body after he was killed.  I was sick to my stomach the rest of the night.

Unfortunately for me, the rest of the night was longer than it should have been, because I agreed to fill in for one of the Pharmacology Department's professors at a reception for the graduate school recruitment weekend.  I had to show up at some professor's house, who I did not know, at 6:30 after rushing to get Freya back to the house and smoke a couple of cigarettes to calm down.  This is the reason I keep a pack of Marlboros in my truck even though I don't smoke anymore.  I showed up, and stood away from everyone else there;  I knew only a few of the people there, and those I knew I wasn't friendly with.  I wandered the house awhile, for two hours actually.  It was excruciating, as is any shmoozy party with people I work with.  I'm a complete misfit in that outfit and it's a hassle every time I find myself stuck with them.  I was a dope to accept that responsibility and I won't do it again.  I finally pretended to take an important phone call so I could get outside without looking like I was ditching the party, and then ditched the party.

I don't think I have an actionable case against the dog breeder because of the wording in their contract is 'debilitating hip displasia', and debilitating is not really applicable.  I need a cigarette. I hate making whiny posts;  but this is really a good example of why I rarely make big plans:  they fail SPECTACULARLY.



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Feb. 12th, 2006 02:42 am (UTC)
Please, don't kick yourself. I think the thing here is to determine whether Freya still has a good quality of life ahead of her. Is this dysplasia something that worsens over time? Could it be kept from getting worse if she were "merely" a companion animal?

The assholes in this are the breeder (regardless of whether it's legally actionable, you should let them know) and the alleged trainer. You proceeded in good faith and got hit by the criminally negligent acts of other people. It's happened to all of us at some point.

Yes, the lost investment sucks. It totally does. With the degree of dysplasia that she has, could she still be trained as a disabled person's service dog?

In any case, I'm really sorry this happened to you.
Feb. 12th, 2006 05:30 am (UTC)
I bought her as my dog first, and anything else second; I don't love her any less. I skip work to take her to the vet over things I wouldn't complain about if they happened to me twice as hard. When I say her hips are fucked, I mean genetically, reproductively, financially; she should be fine and she'll get any treatment she needs if she isn't.

Dogs with certified hips (as both her parents were presented as) do sometimes make dogs with bad hips, but it isn't common. I guess I will let the breeders know, but I don't expect anything from them. Sometimes breeders will offer to buy back the dog, but that isn't an option. It's just that I jumped through a lot of hassle to try to avoid being in the exact situation I'm in now.

My dog's lines are Schutzhund lines, which means they have unusually high prey drive and aggression to suit their task. GSDs are known for their wide range of qualifications, but I wouldn't ask her to do well in a service dog role any more than I could ask my last Corgi to work a bite sleeve. Besides, I don't imagive I could give her up to anyone and she's already in service treating my 'chronic anhedonia' (which she does a great job of when these trainers, vets, and breeders don't get in the way).
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