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Poor Piper.

Well, I'm back in Galveston. I got in okay in BR, and ate dinner. Nothing special. Yesterday I visited my grandmother, and ate dinner with my Mom, Sister, and her boyfriend. She gave me some plants. I drove in this afternoon, and in just enough time to drop my dog off at the local kennel. I felt bad dropping him off, because he'll be there until Monday afternoon. They let me see where he'll be in the back, and he's right across the walkway from a big mean pit bull, growling at him. It got him shaking. I left one of his bones for him to chew on, but I don't think he'll be chewing much, or eating much. They walk him twice a day. I'll have that to think about this weekend.

Well, anyway, I guess I'll be leaving here about 8 to catch my 10:30 flight. I can catch up on this book I've been reading. I hope no one messes with my truck while it's in the parking garage.

When I get to the hotel (I guess there's a shuttle? if not, I'll have to catch a cab) I'm gonna go to that restaurant and get me something good to eat. Then I'll fart around until afternoon and help the people set up the art show, like I did last year. That was fun, because it gave me something to do when I was bored. (I drove last year and slept in my truck.. that was NOT comfortable.) I am going to have to be more sociable this year, against my second nature. We'll see how that goes: I haven't been very active online, so the few people I sorta know will no doubt have forgotten me. Well, at least I'll have a bed to sleep in this year, even if I do have to share it. Not looking forward to that, either.

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