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rolling back the video drivers

I never go to the GSO meetings, basically because I feel like a) they don't talk about anything I really care about, b) if I haven't gotten involved by now, it's too little too late, and c) I go to enough meetings throughout the week.  I do get the basic gist of what they're gonna talk about through email list though, and after reading the last one I found out that Jorge Cham is supposed to be speaking at UTMB, apparently.  I've heard that that might be something to see, but I don't see any mention of it on his comic page.  It'd be sweet if I got scribble-ified in one of his comics though.

I went to my eye appt yesterday and got tested, and apparently (although I'm taking it with a grain of salt, though not literally ouch) my glasses prescription was too HIGH and the guy reduced it.  I'll see how a lower prescrip will do me, as I was pretty sure it would have to go up steadily as it always has.  I got a maybe-snazzy new pair of glass which should be ready to pick up right now, and I'll drop off my old glasses to be retro-fitted (or maybe I shouldn't, in case the new scrip isn't really correct).  The doctor was really very quick in the exam (a nurse or something did the real exam), and it was all much less involved than what the old optometrist was doing at the same place last year.  He was fairly nice, especially after I told him that we collaborate with his boss and I do research in eye tissues (the eye-test people always get a kick out of that for whatever reason).

Last night, my computer died.  again.  First it was the floppy drive that wasn't being recognized.  Then a few days ago my second HDD was missing, which holds all my mp3 files.  Then, when I decided to reboot my computer, finally the primary HDD wasn't recognized and I couldn't get anything past BIOS.  I wonder, if it is my motherboard that got shitty, or is it the drives that are failing.  I need to bring the primary to the work computer to test it I guess, although the work one is so slow that god knows what I'll see.  It's times like that I am so thankful I bought my ThinkPad.  Frankly, I'd be happy just using the laptop at work and at home, but I need redundancy and I have a 19" LCD for god's sake.  Maybe if I bought a dock...
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