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Employee of the month

He put water in the methanol bottle and damn near ruined my entire blot today. He put the stock methanol bottle back empty. He has been to work for about 4 hours in the past week. He invited himself along with me to Houston so I could ferry his furniture back to Galveston. He has systematically usurped half or more of my workspace and stocks, most of which are contaminated or never used anyway. He greeted me this morning with "You look dull today." He throws nothing out, ever. He is responsible for most of our cell contamination. He used up our rhodium-rare positive controls, especially the ONE I USE. He eats with his hands like a monkey. He disappears for hours on end with no warning. He somehow gets his name on every paper since he came here, even though I can't remember him doing ANYTHING to justify it. He has people from god-knows-where coming by every day looking for him, calling his phone, and wanting to leave messages. I actually had to lock up my notebooks for awhile when he came to be sure he wouldn't try to bust in on my experiments. He's been here over a year and I have not seen ONE piece of useable data from him. He hides in his cubicle and listens to other people's conversations. He doesn't know how to give any type of presentation. The list goes on and on.

But luckily my boss made him find another job, so in a few months he'll be some OTHER grad student's problem. Thank god, that brick won't be around my neck anymore.
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