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Lecturing, listening, and self-love

I taught that biotransformation class yesterday at Texas A&M, and it went more smoothly than last year.  i got there 30 minutes ahead of time, and that helped quite a bit.  I even found the coke machines, which was nice.  I emptied out my old 20 gig mp3 player, and used it as a voice recorder with a little lapel microphone.  I saved it directly to mp3 format, it's about 1 hour 45 minutes long if anyone wants to hear it.  If you want to learn about biotransformation.  I'll be recording myself again when I give my hepatotoxicology course lecture in a month, since I listened to the recording and it is a whole hell of a lot better quality than last year's when I recorded on my old cassette recorder.  I'm glad I have a use for the old mp3 recorder, I may bring it to AC since I'll be able to record for several hours at one time, for shits and/or giggles.

I got an order from Rabbit Valley which I had placed a couple of weeks ago, finally.  I was thinking it was the smut shirt I ordered from ebay, but goddamnit I'm still waiting on that thing.  Good old porn.  And Usagi Yojimbo too, but they always sell out of every 5th or 6th issue so the storyline is all disjointed until I can replace it sometime later.
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