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I get to be Wil Wheaton, you get to be Jerry O'Connell

Have you ever lived with someone and didn't know who they were?  I had a roommate in college while I lived in the LSU dorms, I think his name was Adam, but I never learned his last name and I'm not absolutely certain about his first name.  He was a weird kind of midwestern-ish guy (although I only ever spoke to him a few times in the whole half-year I lived with him so I'm just going on instinct here).  He had his modem constantly hooked to our dorm phone line (this was in the days before dorms had T1 lines and all that stuff, and it was a bitch to get calls from my girlfriend.  He was running a MUCK or MUD or something of that nature I think, I believe he was going for a strange computer-esque degree that I never heard of (I was a comp sci major and I still didn't know what he was up to) and somehow running the MUCK was part of the project.. 

Anyway, Every time I came to the room he was on the computer furiously typing away.  I was on FM and maybe Taps back then, but not very much and mostly it was IRC or ICQ, I don't really remember but Usenet was high on my priority list for sure.  Anyway, that didn't require me to be on my computer (a P150 presario laptop that oh baby I thought was the absolute shit), but when I did want to get online it was a hassle.  Often I would just have to wait until he passed out.  He had a fat little girlfriend of sorts that he would make obvious reference to as being his FRIEND and not his girlfriend, although I once walked in on them making out or pre-porking, with her flying off of him and into his substandard dorm-bed with celerity that I did not expect from someone so porky. 

Once I came back to the dorm room after going out with my girlfriend rather late, and really quite drunk, carrying a shopping bag full of Old English, and forgot my keys, so I started banging on the door for about AN HOUR with increasing ferocity and yelling for him to open up, etc.  He didn't, and I passed out in the hall.  I got awakened by an RA, got in trouble, and he opened my door for me to find this guy sleeping soundly in his bed (or rather, pretending like hell to be asleep so I wouldn't stomp on his face).  Luckily for us both I was well into alcohol poisoning by then and passed out without even undressing.  I don't know what happened to that guy, I guess he either washed out or finished college, and moved on to some faraway job in the wonderful field of MMORPGs or something equally debasing. 

I wish I could say that I learned something by living with a complete stranger for months, some maturing edifying moral which stuck with me, spurring me in 20 years to have a little "The Wonder Years"/"Stand By Me" type flashback complete with frumpy nasal-voiced narration, but to be honest, I don't even know what the douchebag's name was.

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