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some reassembly required

Looks like I'll be leading the swordfighting class next week as the usual guy is going to be out of town. Only 3 of the several that came last week, but that's what I expected to happen, as a lot of these people probably thought it was play-fighting, stage-fighting, flag-football-esque stuff with a shiny sword and a ... I dunno, something or other that sounds romantic and dashing and certainly something more swashbuckling to wear than our sweatpants and cotton teeshirts. What they saw was Gene and I throwing each other in grappling, dagger disarms, sparring with all the gear on, swinging wooden wasters at each others heads, etc. Not pretty, not romantic, lots of wood hitting wood and sweat dripping onto the floor; Hell, I probably scared a couple of them off with my haircut.

So that in addition to the biotransformation class I'm teaching on Tuesday will make it likely I'll be beating information into some heads TWO days next week. I wish I got to use the sword in both classes though, it might go more smoothly..
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