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Coming Home

Well, I didn't do much today. I got up late, and got the rest of the stuff outta my truck, then went to the supermarket. When I went outside, my landlord asked me for my rent. And then it hit me -- my rent was due on the 1st!! I thought it was due on the 15th. Crap, I'm a week late! I went to the ATM because I didn't bring my checkbook. Only could get $400 out. So tomorrow I'll get the rest and get a money order, and hand it to him, with apologies. I hate it when that happens.

I'm going back to baton rouge tomorrow morning. I'll be there until Wednesday, and then I'm leaving Thursday for Philadelphia, for AC. I've got several errands to run while I'm home, I hope I can get to them all. I'll be home for 3 days! I just _KNOW_ that you all care, too.

I need to get my IRC hooked up. Does anyone know of a good server to use?

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