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Ministry is playing in Houston come May. But they're charging 30 friggin bucks for a ticket. I've seen them maybe twice or more now, I don't need to see them again THAT badly (even though I love the verizon theater). I really want to see Revolting Cocks, but I'm not sure they're even playing the houston show, and are they the same RevCo as way back when? I dunno about that. Also, Thrill Kill Kult is again playing, as is Meat Beat Manifesto. I've seen TKK, it was an awful show (but I was blackout drunk so it could've actually been a good show). I sort of want to see MBM and sort of don't. I dunno, I haven't been to any concerts in awhile, but that's because I don't like driving an hour and a half up to Houston and driving back an hour and a half drunk and such, it's not good policy. Plus, going to concerts by myself isn't as fun as it used to be. It's a big reminder that I'm not a kid anymore and most of the bands I see are bands I liked when I was a kid, but they also grew old, and their music is for the most part worse for wear and I've grown out of much of it.

Cougar, I played hatchet-man today as I said I would, I suppose I'm good enough at that.
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