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Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

Timer Method

I've decided that a great way to keep me in the mode of work and to at the same time allow me to screw off at work without feeling bad about it is to adopt the Timer Method.  Basically, I use my Fisher-brand laboratory timer to give myself 20 minutes or so at the beginning of work to read my webcomics, go through my blogroll, make any non-work-related posts or replies, etc., update my podcasts, and thoroughly zonk myself into work-mode, and then my timer will go off, and when it does, the second it does, I get up, Alt-Tab to my email program, and go do my work for however long, maybe one hour, then my other timer (there are 3 on this thing, how lovely) will sound and I'll go back to my computer and blah blah blah, repeating as necessary, making adjustments according to any meetings, seminars, appointments, and long experiments I may have to deal with along the way.  I use this in conjunction with a couple of reminder alarm programs on my laptop to remind me of things, and I'm hopefully going to avoid the lethargy and anergy, inertia, whatever that comes with not timing things correctly (or not being one of those perky people, who I am not).  I'll see how it goes on this thing or whether I want to throw the timer across the room after 4 days (and I know from experience that these timers don't bounce back well from that).  The trouble with it is minding the timer, respecting the alarm and actually doing the things exactly when it indicates to do them.  I have no respect for my alarm clock (it's why I have two), so I dunno.
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