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Now Sauron can't watch me anymore


Another internet video for you, my little vagina-mouthed prom queens:


I've decided that I'm going to remove my nipple ring. It's kind of useless to me. It doesn't do anything; the act of increasing the ring gauge over the years has made my right nipple 3 or more times the size of my left nipple (which was actually smaller to begin with though), and has led to the desensitization of that nipple due to it rubbing on all of my shirts. Plus it looks goofy, like some kind of udder, a man-teat, easy to pinch and pull and offer to babies as a taunt. Not that big actually, but it FEELS big. And the sebum, my god the sebum. Anyways, pulling it out will render me piercing-free for the first time since I was around 15 years old. Maybe I should throw a party, or maybe I should go stick a needle in my penis. You be the judge, I'll be eating an ice-cream sandwich.
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