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no brakes

I rode my bike around a little after work in the tourist area, and I really let the throttle loose, charging and bucking like whatever. I ran stopsigns and passed between parked cars and such, and made a goddamn racket. I felt good, stupid but good. I felt like I was getting ready to die, but not slowly. Quickly and with a bang, all splayed out like groceries bursting out of a paper bag. I liked the feeling, as it was a feeling I got to experience without worrying about why I was feeling it or what it meant or if I should stop feeling it. This may be a good way to die right here. On a bike, loud and blind and blindsided, all over the goddamned road, the endless two white stripes.

I want to get high until I can't remember which end is up, and sit teetering on the edge of something and just wonder, how long will it take before I fall?
Tags: motorcycle, rambling

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