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So it looks like I've been saddled once again with the task of teaching the biotransformation and hepatotoxicology lectures of the Tox course at Texas A&M @ Galveston.  I'd like to believe that I could remember the little specific ideas I had to fix or improve the powerpoints and my delivery of them, but I don't remember so well (it was a year ago).  I'm fixing my PPTs based on the largest of the tips that I gave to the other lecturers in our meeting a couple of weeks ago, which was that those kids are not like you and me, they are..... special.  'park-anywhere-you-like' special, 'class-is-haaard-I-just-wanna-go-out-tonight' special, 'hope-your-parents-are-rich' special, 'did-you-catch-The-OC-last-week' special.

There is a new tenant in the apartment next to mine, now that the apparently litigious pseudo-doctor and his dog broke his lease and moved out.  She came over the other day and asked to borrow a drill and some bits, I think I came off as a dick or something.  I just assume that because I felt completely natural as I was speaking to her.  Anyway she puts flowerpots on her doorsteps and I think I'll be finding less dogshit in front of my walkway, so either way... upgrade!

I have been in the mood to get loaded lately, perhaps piss drunk, likely liquored up, thinking...3 sheets to the wind.  I need to clean out my fridge of all my beer in there, there's a lot of questionable beer, not of questionable taste but of it may taste questionable due to the prolonged loss of power I had for the hurricane and so forth.  I'm going to brave the elements and be a pioneer, stand alone on the precipice of uncertainty, walk the parapet like a soldier and stare down the ridiculous notion that I'm better off tossing that shit in the trashcan. 



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Jan. 11th, 2006 12:13 am (UTC)
'class-is-haaard-I-just-wanna-go-out-tonight' special

Oh Great Spaghetti Monster, I hate those. This type of specialness cuts across all sorts of class strata and can be found out here on the East Coast as well.

If you did in fact lend your neighbor the drills and whatnot, you can't have come across as that much of a dick. If you withheld them, I could understand thinking you came off that way, but you lent them, yeah?
Jan. 11th, 2006 05:53 am (UTC)
I have a bigger and more overflowing toolchest than anyone I know except for Cougar so I try to lend them out when anyone asks. Better to be known as the nice neighbor with the tools than the tool with the nice neighbors, I guess.

The thing that blows my mind about these dilettantes is that they're going to a special college to learn about a special type of science (presumably vouluntarily), and yet they either don't care about or are almost incapable of the basics upon which the class they signed up for is based. If it weren't a 400-level class it wouldn't seem so sad, maybe. After a few rad semesters of partying, a great many of them are going to learn that Southern Texas is a shitty place to spend a post-college career waiting tables.
Jan. 11th, 2006 06:24 am (UTC)
There were people in my graduate program, whose admission requirements were very stringent and which only had so many places in each entering class, who made me wonder why the hell they were there. This wasn't a specialized school, but the program was absurdly specialized -- and there were a number of people there who were all about getting as wasted as possible as frequently as possible on any substance they possibly could. Somebody in that subgroup had Klonopin by prescription, and they used to get high on it; for me, it's a lovely anticonvulsant (for panic disorder, which is closely related to seizure disorders), but I couldn't catch a buzz from it at gunpoint.

It was odd how the party subgroup revolved around the Spending Daddy's Money subgroup. But in any case, who the hell goes to graduate school and voluntarily enters a competitive program in something extremely specialized, then blows off that opportunity? Several people in my class, apparently. Some of the dilettantes have gone on to buckle down and actually do fairly impressive things in that particular field. A significant number, however, have not. One of them solved the "what do I do with this expensive, weird education in Northern Virginia?" problem by working as a stripper, which at least is slightly creative of her. Otherwise, NoVA is also a shitty part of the world to try to make your living as a waitress.
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