Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor (floyd_mephit) wrote,
Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

by special I hope you see that I meant retarded

So it looks like I've been saddled once again with the task of teaching the biotransformation and hepatotoxicology lectures of the Tox course at Texas A&M @ Galveston.  I'd like to believe that I could remember the little specific ideas I had to fix or improve the powerpoints and my delivery of them, but I don't remember so well (it was a year ago).  I'm fixing my PPTs based on the largest of the tips that I gave to the other lecturers in our meeting a couple of weeks ago, which was that those kids are not like you and me, they are..... special.  'park-anywhere-you-like' special, 'class-is-haaard-I-just-wanna-go-out-tonight' special, 'hope-your-parents-are-rich' special, 'did-you-catch-The-OC-last-week' special.

There is a new tenant in the apartment next to mine, now that the apparently litigious pseudo-doctor and his dog broke his lease and moved out.  She came over the other day and asked to borrow a drill and some bits, I think I came off as a dick or something.  I just assume that because I felt completely natural as I was speaking to her.  Anyway she puts flowerpots on her doorsteps and I think I'll be finding less dogshit in front of my walkway, so either way... upgrade!

I have been in the mood to get loaded lately, perhaps piss drunk, likely liquored up, thinking...3 sheets to the wind.  I need to clean out my fridge of all my beer in there, there's a lot of questionable beer, not of questionable taste but of it may taste questionable due to the prolonged loss of power I had for the hurricane and so forth.  I'm going to brave the elements and be a pioneer, stand alone on the precipice of uncertainty, walk the parapet like a soldier and stare down the ridiculous notion that I'm better off tossing that shit in the trashcan. 
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