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I bought myself an iPod the other day and it came in yesterday. I got it PERSONALIZED as I said I would, tell me if you like it. Yes those are milk duds in the background, so what. That's a fucking diet coke next to it, so they cancel each other out like matter and anti-matter. The resulting baryon-antibaryon explosion of milkdudery and vanilla diet coke can be felt in the plumbing throughout the building. The motherfucking ipod even plays VIDEOS. Somebody point me to the ipod porn please. This thing is so far making my old iRiver 20-gig look way too old for me anymore. I think I'll clean it out and use it as a voice recorder at AC since it can hold 20 gigs of .mp3 recording (which I guess is a few days worth).

I ripped the skin off of my knuckles the other day while hitting the punching bag, because I was doing it without gloves on. I was hoping fot those nasty dark skin marks on top of the knuckles that you see some guys have when you know they've been beating up stool pigeons or their fiery hispanic girlfriends. I always liked the look of punch-marked knuckle skin. I thought I was beginning to get the effect, but I guess I was hitting it too tangentially or something.
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