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end of an era

My mother just informed me by email that she is signing up for DSL service (long time coming IMHO), but this means that she's going to cancel the computer phone line.  Kind of sad for me for some reason, as this line was the one I used to run my BBS on in high school and used it for AOL before that, racking up neverwinter nights hours like nobody's business.  And I used it for the shitty ISP I had in high school too, looking at pornography on the Usenet with text-only clients and reading my email with friggin' pine (seriously, pine).  Of course I had we had a 3rd line to the house for awhile for my dad's fax machine in the early 90s, and I used that for my BBS too for awhile, but it was mostly just the 2nd line.  Oh well.  I dunno if she'll want to cancel our AOL account, which we've had since something like 1992 or 1993.  Will I be able to use AIM still or what? 

I'm glad she got DSL as opposed to a cable modem b/c it's probably a little cheaper, and a cable line doesn't need to be run to the computer room.  Also, I can use my laptop upstairs in my bedroom when I come visit instead of having to use her computer.  I guess now it's time for me to get her a router so she can have hardware firewall (or do those little speedstream modems have any firewall in them?).  If I get her a WRT54G then I can just use my laptop anywhere in the house while I'm there.  That would be nice.
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