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I got comic books and whatnot for Xmas.  My uncle who works in NOLA gave me some bottled water and MREs that the national guard left for the poor people but the poor people didn't want.  I'm going to add it to my emergency kit in case we have a bad case of race war or polio come down this way.

I went out to Chelseas last night for it's last night before the city 'beautification' of downtown shuts it down and makes it move away so they can build $700+/month student apartments.  As I was shooting pool there were people trying to walk out of the bar with the neon signs off the wall and somebody broke the toilet so it flooded the bar with toilet water.  It wasn't a bad new year as I didn't pay for any of my drinks and didn't have to drive there or back.

I wasn't very depressed this Xmas, compared to previous years, maybe because I was on cold medicine, I don't know.  It was still rather boring, as I spent most of the time fucking around the house doing nothing.  I have a feeling that next Xmas break will be much more lonely, as pretty much all of my friends will have abandoned BR to live in other places and will be largely out of touch.    Christ, now I see the depressing part.

My new years resolution is:


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