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I got another cellphone today.  They couldn't port my old cellphone number over to the new one, and I got the phone anyway.  I'm stupid and retardedly desperate to get a phone that works at work.  God help me if this one doesn't work at work.  I'll cancel the old phone number and service later on after I'm convinced the new one is jim dandy.

In other news, I at a quesadilla with chicken in it half an hour ago, and I WANT TO DIE OH CHRIST I'M GOING TO GIVE BIRTH TO A SMALL GRAND-DUCHY it hurts in my belly.  I'm going to be in defecato later on and it's going to be one of those experiences that you think about in your 50's as you're paying the mortgage or some menial thing and wistfully you'll reminisce how you used to be really alive, relevant, a mover and shaker, back when you were clawing the wallpaper off in a tetany of pain on the crapper, wailing and making blood-oaths against Taco Cabana.

I got a Xmas card from Pshaw and it appears to be the Cajun Santa visiting my friend's duck camp in Bayou Lafourche after the hurricane.  Thank you, it's awesome.

Also I got a Xmas card from Cougar, it's, uh, less Cajun-oriented.  Heh.  Thanks dude.
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