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I got a call from the ortho department telling me that I can make an appointment with them (I guess I got past the velvet rope after all), and so I made an appt with a 'hand guy' (or as I will hope to call him, 'handyman') for the 12th at around 2:30 pm.  I'll probably have to take off the rest of the day, but maybe this guy will be a little more optimistic than "Dr. LostIsOnInThirtyMinutesGoodLuckKid" was.

I actually did end up sparring last Saturday with a couple of people, as I was just too tempted to just stand there stroking my sword doing nothing.  I sparred with this visiting guy's kid (a teenager maybe, but he was taller than me).  I knocked the shit out of him, all said and done.  I thought for a second that I had crushed his windpipe because he wanted to wear his duct-taped hockeymask thing instead of one of our fencing masks, but he was eating pizza with us just fine a half-hour later.  I didn't even end up re-hurting my thumb much either.  I called the SWAT supply place about my glove order and it is apparently in the pipeline.

I have to give a journal club presentation in a couple hours, and I haven't looked at the material since I was supposed to present it a few months ago.  I evacuated the island just around the time I was supposed to present it, so it isn't fresh in my mind anymore.  Luckily I took a bunch of notes and broke out all three colors of hi-liters, so I'm going to play this thing like a Parker Brother's boardgame and see how it goes.

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