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I went over to my uncle's last afternoon and went to a family party for a while. Then we went to another one next door to his house. I stayed there for a while, then we went to watch fireworks. Then I went to 2 or 3 parties with Misty (my cousin). She is one hell of a partier. we went back to her house and I crashed. I had too much to drink that night, but I enjoyed hanging out with her. I guess I'm going over to my uncle's again for dinner. I think they want to do a lot of partying again, but I don't think I can handle that tonight. Maybe I'll just only stay a while. We'll see.

Bleah. I feel sick.

I got my scanner working, so I can start scanning my old photos now. I've also started putting up my framed prints, so the walls look less destitute right now. Still very trash-ridden around here.
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