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It was storming earlier. It still is, but it was bad earlier. I left work and looked in the sky as I was pulling my bike out to go, and the whole sky was palled in a dark roiling cloud, with only the periphery of the horizon left blue. It was foreboding. As I rode there were 20+ mph winds pushing me to the side, quickly back and forth. I lit the grill and waited for it to warm up, as I was experimenting with steaks on the grill (aged angus NY strip brushed with salt,pepper, and miso paste). The grill was getting blasted with rain as the steaks cooked, and as I oped the top to flip them over, the goddamn wind blew out the flames. The ignitor is fouled and my lighter ran out of fluid, so I had to take them out. Luckily they were done enough to eat. Not too bad actually. I'm going to experiment with the miso recipe later on.
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