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modifying the arsenal

I ordered a set of these gloves this morning:

and these forearm protectors:

And these leg guards:

And maybe tomorrow this fencing helmet:

I went to the Lone Star Rally today, just walked there because I can't really work the throttle or brake with a big mummy-wrapped hand. I walked around some, it was like the last two years basically. Less titty outfits though, maybe b/c it was Sunday. They charged to let people ride through the strip this year, so it's no longer a 'free' rally I suppose. I bought a tee shirt and a pin, and pins for the last two rallies. I didn't buy them before because whoever produced the pins back then spelled it "Galvenston" and that's just sad. I got a little sun, watched the bikes ride by, and then walked home. Then I went to Academy sports, and bought some more workout pants, some finger splints, ice packs, jocks, and wrapping tape. My hand is a little bit more mobile, and a tiny bit less tender than yesterday. I think keeping it in icepacks helped a lot. I hope I can ride my bike tomorrow.

I got groceries and made a big dutch oven full of jambalaya with a modified recipe, and it was not easy chopping vegetables with a gimp hand. I used a meat tenderizer to chop the knife. This time I mad a rather dark roux first and added some tomato paste, and used chicken broth instead of water. It was okay, but I still have the problem of it sticking to the bottom of the pot and burning while it's simmering. I can't figure out how to prevent it..
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