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Good thing I don't need to hitch a ride

I met up with my friends last night and saw The Dwarves play in H-town, and they put on a much better show than last year. There was actually a pit this time. I jumped in and flopped around for awhile until some huge dipshits came in and started pushing people on the ground and throwing people into the front row. This type of shit is apparently common in TX I guess. Anyway it was a good show nonetheless, and we went back to the hotel room and would've drank some more, but we found out the hard way that they don't sell alcohol past 1 AM around here. We found a way to obviate, anyway. They left for BR around 11am, and I drove to my swordfighting class.

I was a little late due to obscene traffic southbound on I-45 for the rally (I guess), and I forgot my waster so I was already pissed off. I was a tad hung-over and too many cigarettes last night sapped my endurance. I got struck in the thumb by a waster while sparring, and broke my thumb. I think it's broken anyway, it's hard to be positive of course. I just taped it up well and kept going, but after the rest of the class (and hour longer) I decided to go get it checked out. So I drove back to Galveston and went to the ER, sat around for only about 1.5 hours, and got seen, but didn't get x-rayed because of the vast number of bikers busting their bikes on the puddles needing x-rays, the wait was well over an hour. So I just got a splint and left. $100 bucks for that. I went from there to get some mexican food, and went on home.

So assumedly I've broken a thumb (this is the same thumb that was wrenched badly a couple of months ago swordfighting), a tooth, some ribs, and a big toe, and maybe a nose. I've never gotten x-rays on these so I can't be certain, but I fucked 'em all up badly enough at one time or another that it's a safe assumption. I just hope it doesn't compound the problem with the thumb's other injury, and that I can still swordfight without trouble ini the future.
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