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Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

I just got finished riding my bike around town. No, not in my head, in a glue-sniffing hallucination, In the flesh as it were. I went to install the tail-lamp I bought at the dealer only to find that it was the wrong kind of bulb. So I went back to the parts store to get some generic bulbs, and a replacement for the battery cable I lost yesterday (I am beyond reproach when it comes to this shit..), cut it to length and drilled the ends out to fit, installed the battery, and installed the headlamp wire. The damned harness was inside the frame pipework, and the pins were bent, so it took me the better part of an hour under the bike doing all sorts of shit to coax it out. But finally I got it and the bike started up fine. I think the shocks need to be adjusted, but it's easy to do once to buy a special wrench for it. And I have to adjust the orientation of the headlight and turn signals back to normal. My hands are covered completely in soot and road dust that migrated up into the pipework, and I found another area of the frame where the paint is peeling off. I bought some rough matte spray paint and I'm going to see how well it blends with the other 'matte' paint parts. All this another day, though, as I'm just happy it finally rides. I have made my deadline by a week (that galveston rally is next Friday to Sunday). And now I don't have to park my truck out in the boondocks getting tickets anymore..

Although to balance it out, I got bad news today that my dog's trainer is probably moving to San Antonio. I'll just let him keep working with Freya there (, as I already paid for him to). It'll be more of a hassle to see the dog, but I know that all of this is temporary, I just want her to be titled, and then after that the training will be way more intermittent. I may drive over to the place it SA where the guy's taking the job (some 1000 acre training facility) to make sure it's good. Also I've never been to San Antonio, it'll be a nice drive hopefully. 2-3 hour drive I think, right? I might see him tomorrow or tuesday to drop off some heartworm and flea medicine for Freya.

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