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I went to the dealership and bought a new motorcycle battery after the O'Reilly guys told me yesterday that mine was beyond charging. Then I went to the Galleria to buy an iPod, but they didn't have a black one. So I moped around the mall looking for something to do and found myself surrounded by a sea of pre-pube girls wearing Luis Vuitton and Christian Dior shoes and shit like that, and the air was thick with retard breath and kiosk fake perfume.

I departed and drove aimlessly until I found myself at the Hong Kong Market and got 3 tubs of miso paste, some daikon, lemon grass, ong choy (I dunno what it is but it smells like somebody peed on it and I'm gonna fry it up like collard greens), some green tea with rice bits in it, and some dishes and such. Then I went to the theater to see Jarhead (it looks good), but it wasn't playing. Saw II was premiering so I bought a ticket. There was a halloween costume contest apparently but my disaffected pariah costume didn't win me any prizes. The movie was okay, I dug it. I like that girl in it, can't remember her name but her jugs were like 15 feet wide in front of my seat so I don't really know if it even matters. Then I reinflated a flat tire, and drove home.

I watched some Saturday Night Live, but jesus when did it become nothing but a liberals-only comedy club? I am seriously wondering if it would be better to have a democrat in the white house next time just to shut these one-trick ponies up. I get it already. You're the last bastion of media not tainted with the red tint of republicanism and by golly you're going to keep on hammering away at it until even the core base gets bored with it. I hate political humor. I hate politics too, but fuck sakes, do I hate political humor. Anyway fuck it, I obviously need to change my tampon here.

Here's some non-political humor: I was eating a sandwich today with big long strips of jalapeno peppers in it, and I picked them out, and then somehow my hand touched my wang, and got some jalapeno whatever on it, and it felt like I had syphilis for the entire movie.

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