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call me fucking tootsie-pop

I finally got around to watching the latest season of Ultimate fighter. I got all pumped up like a dork like I always do when I watch violence on TV, started lifting weights until I wrenched my hurt thumb again. Smart moves, I'm full of em. Then I had the idea to pull my old 3-gallon tub of protein powder out of mothballs and have some. nnnooooooooott a sly plan, it smelled and tasted like dessicated colon shavings. All semi-clotted and boogery like a fresh batch of irritable bowel syndrome on tap. Needless to say I hope the incredulous swig I swog doesn't start some ultimate fighting on its way through me.

Also yesterday, I bought an Iggy Pop album (another? yes now I have 3 or 4), and that latest KMFDM album like I told someone I would because I am a sucker (another? yes now I have 20 or 21). I went there looking for the new iPod but, but, but, I'm unable to not buy music or movies when they are there calling to me in my presence, brazen enough to bear themselves upon the rack like they fucking OWN the rock/pop section. The audacity.

I wanted to drive up to the Hong Kong market today after work, I had some sort of fit for a quart-sized miso soup, and I'm pretty sure they sell active miso paste there. But alas and alack I was too stupid to do simple math in my head and so I had to do extra spin-downs at work before I could go, thereby missing the window.

And it looks like I won't be going into BR this next weekend to that party, as I'll probably be taking a make-up swordfighting class and something else, I cannot remember what. But I'll maybe get to force myself to get offa my ass and see Saw II, as I liked the first one and I'm a sucker for blood. Come to think of it I'm a sucker for a lot of things. epiphanous!
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