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the more appropriate word for me today is tummy

I wanted to go visit the dog trainer tonight and see some dogs there, but he's driving to San Antonio to drop off puppies and pick up dogs, so hopefully tomorrow I'll get to see my girl attack the shit out of some bite sleeves. I tried to attack the shit out of some punching bag, but I made the mistake of doing it right after I finished chugging much milk and eating a big sandwich. About 2 minutes into the clinch I could tell (via my stomach) that this was not gonna be happening for much longer. I pushed past the puke feeling, though, and hit the bag pad so hard it flew off of the base and landed several feet away. And I scraped the skin off of my elbow on the bag ( I swear I could sort of smell burning skin), and then I felt quite a bit worse. I checked my pulse and it was running too fast for me to count it. So I sat down and waited. And my pulse didn't go down, so I went inside and finished watching TV like a little girl.

I'm going to go to Home Depot, as I need a new rolling toolchest and such. Also I would like to go to Barnes and Nobles for shopping for Xmas gifts, and perhaps even see a movie tonight and eat some more Japppppppppaaaannnnneeeeese food.

PS to Cisco AKA vespavago what was the name of that tattoo joint up in north Houston you told me the name up sometime ago run by nerds, which was supposed to be good?

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