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in the resin without any affinity

The 'stros won the pennant. I really didn't think that would happen, but hey that's pretty good for Houston, right?

I had an excellent dream fragment last night. I guess it might have been more than a fragment, but I only remember the last few seconds of it. I would be too embarassed to describe it, unlikely as it is for me to actually be too embarassed to do something. But it was better than most of my remembered dreams. I think that out of maybe 20 of them, 1 is what I would call "good", and that's unfortunate. But I think that I have to look on the bright side, and that is that if I'm lucky it will be at least a week before I completely lose the memory. What I wouldn't give to chip my brain and record all my dreams.

I got invited to another on of my friend's parties in BR, which I never go to, and always feel guilty about avoiding. Apparently he's moving away to do his psychology internship or residency or whatever they call it, and I'm glad for him in that regard. I dunno if he's going to have to break up with his girlfriend because of the move (it's basically his first relationship) or if he's ever going to come back to BR. So with my other friend moving to Hawaii, that's precious few of my friends left in BR.

I had a shitty day at work today, doing chromatography all day. The fucking protocol makes it sound like you're playing patty-cake, of course, and I have 4 or 5 different protocols in front of me all day, vacillating between them, and my own experience, because I can never trust my own goddamn judgement in things like this, even though I can give immediate advice to anyone else without ever having to look anything up. I know everything about all of these things, but I cannot commit when it comes to my own benchwork. The guy who was supposed to be helping me with this project didn't even show up to work and so what could've been a 4 hour deal kept me in the lab until 7:15 and skipping my lunch. And my right thumb has been hurting like a motherfucker for coming on two months straight now, with days of some pain and days of much pain. I'm too retarded to get a doctor's appt so I imagine I'll be crippled with arthritis come Xmas and I'll embrace my new nickname 'Lefty'.

I've decided I'm going to buy a new iPod because my iRiver pisses me off too much, taking most of a minute to read the HDD when it boots and taking for-fucking-ever to scroll through all my albums. I need to be able to listen to music at work, it's my only recourse from what I absorb at work. I dunno what it is about this that's getting to me, but I find it harder and harder to think straight and focus and get shit done. And when I get home I'm whipped and in no mood to do housechores, and on the weekends I feel guilty or something like guilt about wasting time, and that dissuades me from even starting to do anything. I'll snap back sooner or later but it doesn't really change anything at work, only things at home. I'll have to think of some way to zonk myself out at work and find a way to be aloof to it all. Actually there is a way: graduating.
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