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This is my existence.

Stopped by the dive shop to drop off my tanks, and stayed until 5:00pm, because there just happened to be a CPR class going on, and I needed to take it. Now I need DAN 02, and that should be everything I need for Divemaster.

I'm soo tired. I keep blacking out, I'm so tired.

My official acceptance letter came today, from the Dean. Whoop.

We had a biochem test today, but half of it was about PCR, and I had no idea it would be. I had to go off of memories of 1.5 years ago, doiing PCR in the lab. I'm sure I didn't do well. DAMNIT.

On the upside, I managed to get a vial of 18.5% H3PO4 and one of 79% HNO3. Just for kicks, I guess. They're in my booksack, I sure as hell hope they don't break.

I can officially start looking for apartments in Galveston now, because I can't think of a logical and reasonable situation that would involve me not attending school there.

I need to order a motherboard and CPU soon so I can rebuild my comp before moving. I need to go thru my storage room and chunk all the crap I'm not taking with me.

I wish that I had longer canine teeth. Not vampire long, but both upper and lower, and also the teeth next to the canines. Just a little bit longer. I heard somewhere that the orthodontist sometimes will shave them down when applying braces. I wonder if that was the case with me. I wonder what it would cost to get cosmetic dentistry to fix my teeth that way. I wonder how many people I could feed for the amount I'd spend on fake teeth.

I am Brad's tendency to rip off crappy movie lines.

I scare myself with my ability to suprise myself. I very much enjoy suprising others; in fact, it's one of my favorite things. But when I suprise myself, I am invariably disappointed and upset. Go figure.

I lost a fin on the dive trip. Good thing I've got a spare set.

On the drive in, just as we entered Baton Rouge, I saw a pawprint sticker on some suburban; I chased the vehicle for 5 miles at 80+mph trying to read it, hoping it was a furry sticker. It was a Southern U. Jags sticker. Once again, I get disappointed about the lack of furs in BR. I guess there'll be one less in two months or so.

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