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I'm somewhat ashamed to admit this, but I have never officially registered Freya with the AKC. I was stalling because I couldn't decide on an official name. Piper's registered name was "Bagpiper of Gleann Abhann"; that was taken from Roddy Piper, bagpipes, and the principality of the SCA which I was involved with at the time. Freya's official name must begin with the letter U (as she was in the "U" litter of her breeder of that year) and must be 15 characters/spaces long. Her name will be "U_____blahblah vom Kraftwerk" (too bad it couldn't be vom Front 242 or vom Danzig). AKC names tend to be long, but working bloodline dogs have somewhat shorter names it seems like, especially so in her dam's pedigree (which is in German). I was looking long and far for 'germanic/norse'-sounding Female U names, but there were few, and what was there wasn't so great. Unika, Unica, Ulrika, Ulrike, Ursula, Uma, Ulla, etc. I like Ulrike/Ulrika as it appears to mean 'wolf ruler' or something to do with wolves. But I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any. I need to send this registration in soon so I can get a fancy pedigree to frame like I did for Piper, and also I need it for whenever she goes to test for her BH title, which may or may not be soon. Sadly this piece of paper was one of the things I was most worried about getting ruined when the hurricane came by.
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