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acid rain

I have been noticing an intermittent drip going on in the ceiling above my desk the past few weeks. Just a few seconds on, then nothing for awhile, then on again. Today I noticed that the ceiling tiles above me are stained from liquid, and so I finally got off my ass to call the physical plant people. They just came by and looked in the ceiling, and the guy waves a flashlight around in there, and another guy comes and gawkes at it and looks, then the third guy. Then the first guy tells me that it's acid dripping down from an acid pipe installed above me. What the fuck is this? UTMB has seen fit to install an ACID PIPE in the ceiling area above the cubicles. Not zesty.

Last night I was in the lab until 2 in the morning working on an bacterial experiment because of dumbass planning. I had my mp3 player with me and was listening to Fugazi and doing the air guitar thing all over the lab and down the halls waiting for the centrifuge to spool up and down. When it's past midnight, the security guards stop coming by and you can just rock out with your cock out so to speak and not worry about anything. I didn't get to bed until 3, and so I've been kind of drag-ass all day. Luckily the boss wasn't in and therefore 3 of the post-docs decided to just bail out, and the other two kind of phoned it in, leaving only me and the other post-doc to do any work around here. When the cat's away, the mice will play in this lab. Not the skunk, though. Shit, I skipped lunch to stay here (as I've been doing for several days now).

I shaved off the bottom of my goatee yesterday, so I'm feeling a little naked. I've lost some weight since the last time I changed my face pubes and I think I can pull off the sans undercarriage deal. I like it, and it goes better with my short-to-shorter hair that I've been sporting. We'll see how it goes during winter.

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