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I ordered some stuff from Amazon the other day, and some of it came in today. I got "totally fucked up" and "Doom generation", both are Gregg Araki movies, and I dig Araki films. I got some swordfighting books, the Codex Wallerstein, an Oakeshot book, and a Talhoffer translation. I got a funny book by Lileks (his site is , check it out) for my sister for Xmas as well. I need to order a new copy of the MLA style book, I lost my old one.

Looks like my friends are coming in on Saturday night, not friday, and are staying in H-town. So all this cleaning for what, peace of mind? overrated.

So as an informal poll, does anybody here have any excellent/gotta have it/whatever ideas for Xmas presents, things that you are wanting and things you are wanting to buy for your friends/family? I need some more ideas for my family, generally we get each other a lot of stuff and I don't like to be out-done. Anything is appreciated.
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