Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor (floyd_mephit) wrote,
Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

I finally got back out in the yard and filled up my heavy bag all the way up with the garden hose, and beat the shit out of it for awhile, with my headphones on. In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up is a great live CD and is my album of choice when getting pumped up for whatever. I wore myself into a heave and I was supine on the porch gasping for air like a large-mouth bass after a few songs. I have no stamina at all, it's atrocious. If I were to keep that up every afternoon after work, though, I might gain some. Glomping around the yard punching and elbow-striking and throwing knees like I'm slam-dancing back in middle school again. And then, for a grand finale, as I lunge forward with my back leg for a kick, I hear (above the Ministry) RRRRIIIIIIPPPP, and reach down to find I've ripped my jeans at the crotch. Beautiful. These are some of my favorite pants here, now I get to Frankenhooker them back together.

I used cougar's lighter trick on the shrink tubing, it seemed to work okay. My lighter is giving up the ghost, which is inconvenient because my goddamn electric ignitor on my grill is fouled out and I need it. I got my dolly out (aw man, a pneumatic-tired dolly is sooooo much better than those rinky-dink plastic wheel kind) and brought that 200 pound hydraulic press onto the porch, and grabbed some whatnot out of the cab, in case my friends wanna ride in my vehicle. I swear this apartment is getting relatively spic and span here and I'm finding myself disoriented, with my usual landmarks such as trash and soda cans by which I navigate early in the morning, vanished and I'm likely to end up shipwrecked on the rock of Gibraltar if I don't get my bearings.

I hear that Albion armorers will be at the Texas Renaissance Festival and might have some of their new Maestro line of swords for sale there. If so, I might go ahead and buy one, as expensive as they are. They are likely to be pretty nice, and dull (which is what I want). If I wear my ARMA shirt, they might give me a discount..

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