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My heat-shrink tube butt connectors (that sounds AWESOME to say, doesn't it?) actually aren't heat-shrink.  I learned this after taking cougar's advice and using a lighter to  heat them, and then my heat gun, both of which just set my wires on fire and sizzled them.  Luckily the large one I put over them all was a heat-shrink and it shrunk just dandy over the connectors.  That is a nice fit.  I think it melted the surrounding wire wrap so they melted together.  I'll tape the ends for good measure.  Now I'll have to do the same thing outside tomorrow.

The department I work in changed its name today, apparently we don't do genetics anymore (could've fooled me) and now we do molecular biology (who doesn't? And molecular biology = biochem + genetics so WTF thanks for making the entire department change their stationary and .sig files for nothing).  And they got hip with the times, so we don't do biological chemistry anymore, we do biochemistry (well excuuuuuse me).

I've stripped the bed and am washing the mattress pad and sheets and so forth, so I've got nothing to sleep on now.  I miss my dog, she was comfortable as a pillow and had less dog hair than the sheets did.
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