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I brought Freya to Petsmart and gave her back to the trainer Saturday.  I think she got trained that night.  Hopefully in one or two weeks I'll go up to Hockley and see the training again, maybe help out.  Hell of a drive, but eh I'll do it just to see the training and the progress.

I supposedly have some houseguests coming next weekend so I've been cleaning the apt up a shitload today.  Man, my bathroom was FILTHY.  I replaced the shower curtain liner, and the old one had some type of mildew on it that smelled like rotting milk.  WTF.  I also sewed up the ass of my jeans (which I guess was showing my underwear yesterday) again, in the same spot as I sewed up a couple months ago.  I need mostly to throw away coke cans and such and sweep up dog hair, then dust like there's no tomorrow.

I bought a heat gun at home depot yesterday after rewiring my turn signals and headlight back on the bike, but I need a power inverter to finish the job.  Looks like I'll have to lift and remove the gastank to get the plug into the whatever it's called.

My blitz jerry cans came in today (finally), so I filled them with gas and STA-BIL, now I get to see how well they hold has and don't rust.  I called the powdercoater and found out that the contractor they used for my jet-hot coating lost my clamp and fucked one of the mufflers up.  These fucking guys.  It's like they're running the operation out of a lemonade stand.  I just want it all back so I can be done with it.  And we've begun the rainy season on the island, which is 3 or 4 months long.  Greeaaat, very little riding until February I reckon..
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