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I have got some kind of problem with my cups.  Not the drinking kind, though.  I don't remember having such a problem when I was a teenager, wearing them for my shotokan tournaments, but mother of christ I look like I've got my bag lunch down there.  I've got 3 or 4 different types of jocks and 2 or 3 different cups, and every combination of them seems to have me smuggling babies next to my wang.  I'm gonna have to do some jock surgery to fix this (and not the 'calf implants' or 'penis enlargment' type of jock surgery).  It involves me and some thread, and I can't even get myself to stitch the holes in my jeans anymore so I don't see this happening without safety pins.

Looks like my friends are coming in to go to the rennaisance festival next weekend, so I need to clean up so they can sleep here.  The landlord blew my porch clean with a leafblower, and hauled off a cardboard box (I accumulate boxes like nobody's business), so it looks amazingly clean.  It looks like Freya's going back to the trainer this weekend, so I'm going to be lonely for some matter of weeks.  But she needs to get back into the swing of things.
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