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steps 912-918

I finally got the shocks loctite'd and torqued on. And I loctite'd the bolts to the sissybar, which is peeling its goddamn powdercoat for some reason. I fixed the electrical problem (for now), I figured it was the primary ground bolt, so I put naval jelly on it for awhile (I should've used my dremel on it), then I used a glass-fiber pencil to clean off the ground cable and nut, and smooshed some dielectric grease between them and all over it. Bike started right up. But without any mufflers it sounded like Jughead's jalope. Sounded like the plugs were off so I'll change them on friday I guess. Somehow my rear light panel got crud in it so I removed it and sprayed it down with electronic cleaner and washed it in the sink, then took some super-fine sandpaper to the electrical pins. I'll gish some dielectric grease down in there too. I lost the instructions to my auxiliary rear turn signals so I'll just wing it. I have some shrink tube butt connectors, but no heat gun. Maybe my hair dryer will work?

Did anyone see the spot about PostSecret on CNN this morning? I'm glad I haven't sent my postcard yet. I needed to figure out the artwork anyway.
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